August 3, 2010

No One Is Safe

Michael Ausiello put up some casting scoop for the second season of The Vampire Diaries today. He noted that an actress I've never heard of is going to be playing a Duke student who helps Damon, Alaric and Elena make sense of Isabel's research. In the story he noted the following:

At Comic-Con last month, exec producer Kevin Williamson hinted that the
character may be harboring a secret or two. “She’s not without her own intrigue,” he told me. “It’ll be a nice little part for someone. And it’s a part that could evolve into this massive storyline or we could gut her like a fish.”

And that is just one of the things about TVD that makes me love it so - you just never know when they're going to gut someone like a fish!

Other really good reasons to love and watch the show include:

Damon isn't just incredibly hot to look at, he's also the snarkiest, most sexily menacing non-bad guy on TV.

Alaric, who has the most genius non-sexual boyfriend chemistry with Damon and is, himself, pretty freaking easy on the eyes.

Speaking of chemistry, Elena (who is a surprisingly enjoyable character in her own right) had legitimately steamy chemistry with both Salvatore brothers.

And, of course, Caroline and Matt who are maybe my favorite part of the show. Please don't gut either one like a fish, Williamson and Pleck! PLEASE!?

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