June 9, 2010

It's The Journey That Matters

The first season of Glee finished on a relatively high note last night that gave me hope for a decent second season that can mostly avoid falling victim to the dreaded Ryan Murphy Syndrome.

After a bunch of defeatist whining at the news that Sue would be one of the judges at Regionals, Mr. Schue decides that New Directions will not go down without a fight. Actually, Finn had already decided the same thing and brought Rachel around to that conclusion as well but they let Mr. Schue go ahead and have this one after he announced that New Directions would do a Journey medley for the competition.

Just before hitting the stage, Finn tells Rachel that he loves her. I became giddy.

The medley is awesome and everyone is awesome in it. During the performance, Quinn's mom ducks in to watch her first glee club performance. After their much-deserved standing O, Mom of Quinn follows the gang back stage and tells Quinn that she has kicked her cheating (with a tattooed tramp) husband out of the house and wants Quinn to move back in. She even says she'll turn a spare room into a nursery. At that precise moment, Quinn's water breaks.

The whole team (minus Rachel) rushes her to the hospital and because Quinn and Mercedes have suddenly and strangely (not complaining, I just find it odd) become totally BFFs, Quinn wants her to come into the delivery room with her mom and Puck.

Meanwhile Vocal Adrenaline busts out a crazy, danceapalooza rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that is sung mostly by Jessie that is, I will not lie, pretty fantastic.

Quinn has the baby. And despite Sue's best efforts and votes to the contrary (seriously, it was awesome), Vocal Adrenaline wins Regionals and New Directions come in third - out of three.

Rachel suggests to Shelby that she quit her current job and come be co-teacher of New Directions because while Vocal Adrenaline is good, they lack heart. Her assessment of VA is right-on but Shelby and Schue co-leading glee would be a disaster of epic proportions and Shelby agrees with me. Thus she tells Rachel that she is done with it all and is going off to have the life she always dreamed of with a house and a dog and a picket fence.

And then she stops by the hospital to see Quinn and Puck who are discussing whether or not they should keep the baby - they won't - and whether or not Puck ever loved her - he did, but he does even more now (aw!).

Having lost his "bet" with Figgins from the beginning of the year, Will is now without a room or funding to keep glee club alive. But the kids don't really give a shit about that because they all love each other and Schue and so they serenade him with a very touching rendition of "To Sir With Love" while Schue, I, all of them and even an eavesdropping Sue cry like little babies.

Then Sue gets Figgins to reinstate the glee programs funding and rehearsal space because not only does she actually like kids and want them to succeed (and want to give a bit of an eff you to Olivia Newton John and Josh Groban for the way they treated her and New Directions), but she would really miss having Will to kick around next year. She's like the Grinch with her heart that is 2 sizes too small. But unlike Grinchypoo, her heart only grew about half a size and that's kind of the way I like it. I'm glad to know she's capable of feelings, but I'd rather they not get in the way of her personality on a regular basis.

Glee club is back on and everyone is happy and they all celebrate with Puck and Schue dueting on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" before we cut over to the hospital where Shelby is introducing herself to her new daughter, Beth!

It wasn't perfect but I laughed and I cried and I sang along and I clapped and I can't wait to see what's next! See you in the fall, Glee!

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