June 10, 2010

"I'll never have kids like them."

First, let's hit the highlights of last night's So You Think You Can Dance.

Ida Saki arrived in Las Vegas and told the cameras that while her education was important to her, if she had to put off college until she was thirty to be a dancer know, that's what she'd do. Then she got some harsh criticisms from the judges when she failed to come up to par in any genre but her own. She subsequently quit, telling Nigel that it was because she had this prior commitment to school but it definitely was not anything to do with receiving less than glowing remarks from the judgery. Except Nigel and company as well as the entire audience could tell damn well that she is totally the kind of girl who only wants to do something as long as she's the best at it and when she found out she wasn't, she bailed.

The rest of the contestants pressed on and we ended Las Vegas week with 24 potential contestants.

The judges then set out across the country to tell each one whether or not they made it into the top 10. Well, actually, they called several people who live outside of New York, Florida or California and didn't make it. Whatever, while letting a couple of really fantastic male dancers down gently they said "we can only have 5 guys. And they can't all be contemporary dancers." Then they ended up taking 6 guys - 4 of whom are contemporary ( with one ballet and one b-boy).

It took the judges an hour worth of filler to get the job done but I think we can knock it out a little quicker, don't you? Let's meet our Top Ten...er, Eleven!



My early favorites are Kent (so cute I just want to squeeze him 'till his head pops off!), Lauren and Jose. Something about Melinda's personality rubs me the wrong way and their acceptance into the top 10 was honestly the first time I recall seeing either Robert or Ashley so depending on how you look at it they're either working from a disadvantage, or starting with a clean slate.
And, of course, let's not forget our All-Star Pool:
Ade (Season 5)
Allison (Season 2)
Anya (Season 3)
Comfort (Season 4)
Courtney (Season 4)
Dominic (Season 3)
Kathryn (Season 6)
Lauren (Season 3)
Mark (Season 4)
Neil (Season 3)
Pasha (Season 3)
Twitch (Season 4)

Seems appropriate to me that the majority of the pool comes from the third season (my personal favorite) with the next largest contingent out of the fourth season (the second best thus far, in my opinion). Overall, I'm quite pleased with the pool though I wouldn't have chosen Comfort (never been a fan) or Allison (didn't make much of an impression on me).
I'm really psyched to see them all perform tonight and for the live performances to begin next week. SYTYCD is my favorite thing about the summer and I'm so glad to have it back!
On a side note - the wardrobe stylist for these photo shoots is just a little bit insane and not at all subtle. I mean, s/he could not have tried harder to show off every single pectoral muscle and way over did the layered bra/bikini top/bustier look. Poor Twitch is so embarrassed by the see-through tank they made him wear, he's pulling it down in his picture. Lauren (All-Star Lauren, that is) is wearing pants that escaped from the set of a Jane Fonda Aerobics video. And, last but by no means least, Pasha is a very attractive man so what in the fuck is going on with his eyes in this picture?

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