May 18, 2010

My Twitterfeed is exhausting me!

Upfront week is an exhausting time to be a TV fanatic on Twitter. The updates are CONSTANT and I can just barely keep up. But the good news for us One Tree Hill fans - hot on the heels of the cliff-hanger season finale last night, the CW has renewed the show (and Life Unexpected) for 13 episodes next year.

I think a shortened season was the right decision for both shows. I know OTH can sustain its soapy goodness for a full 22 episodes but the issues we endured with Julian and Brooke have proven to me that maybe less time is more. Perhaps if they had had to get shit done on a tight time table, I wouldn't have spent 3/4 of a season missing Old Brooke.

Anyway, they wrapped up the season in total, nonsensical, OTH fashion when everyone in Tree Hill - including Chase for reasons that neither Jamie nor I were able to comprehend - traveled to Utah for the premier of Julian's movie at the Made Up Film Festival. Hijinks naturally ensued.

Skillz and Mouth dressed like pimps. Haley's mom was reincarnated as an owl (maybe). Julian's film was bought. Quinn walked around the snow-covered mountains in a bikini and a fir hat. Clay made a million jokes about losing things. Jamie dressed like a matador. Nathan continued to be the most patient man alive. Brooke wore a gold bandage dress that I actually thought she looked amazing in, accessorized by some nail polish that I would pay good money to get my hands on. Or get on my hands as the case may be.

Haley beat her depression with the help of Nathan's love, Jamie's innocence, Quinn's patience and Brooke's friendship. Also with sledding. It was really cute to watch the montage of what seemed to be the cast just having fun sledding like kids.

Girl Alex and her co-star broke up and kind of became friends and he might have come out to his parents. She also got Chase to go out with her. Then Mia texted him to tell him they should get back together. I advised against it because Mia spent the episode pep-talking Grubbs while wearing a white bustier, spaghetti strap top with a red, tank style bra underneath and I can not condone such behavior. Oh yeah, and she also dumped him by text message a week ago so that's two strikes against her. Speaking of Grubbs, he might be going to London to stalk Miranda.

Brooke and Julian got engaged. Haley got pregnant. Quinn and Clay professed their undying love for one another and were then promptly shot by Dead Ringer. The end!

Best line of the night is awarded to Julian:

"My whole life my hair has been out to get me. Like it resents my forehead for taking up to much room." Hee!

See you next year, OTH!

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