May 18, 2010

Green With Envy

Like a year or more ago there was a rumor that Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling were dating (while they were filming their movie Blue Valentine which is currently showing at Cannes) and I prayed that it was true. Because how cute a couple are they?

Anyway, this post is not about how how those two could give Matilda a truly adorable sibling. This post is about how cute I think Michelle's new haircut is and how, if I had her face and straight hair, I'd totally get the same cut. I even like the blonder color.

Her makeup is gorgeous too. So fresh and beautiful in a sea of people who are over-lining these days, I do love it when a person goes for a more natural look.

You know what I love the most though? Her shoes! I want to love them and hold them and make them mine.

Ryan's shoes on the other hand? I'm pretending they never happened.

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