May 25, 2010

Buy More Go Boom!

Holy CRAP I loved the season finale of Chuck on Monday!

Papa Bartowski stopped by to chide Chuck for redownloading the Intersect 2.0 after he busted his hump trying to get it out of his son's head in the first place. Then he finally gave up the fight against Chuck being a spy and made him a watch that he calls The Governor that somehow stops his brain from overheating during flashes. I know it's ridiculous but this is a show about a guy who got a super computer's worth of knowledge stuck in his head when he saw pictures flash on a computer screen so just go with it.

In the meantime, Ellie is busy trying to be sneaky and help Justin "protect" her father from "rogue double agent" Casey but Casey is keeping close tabs on Ellie because Chuck is afraid that Shaw is alive and after his loved ones. Casey intercepts and misunderstands a phone call between Ellie and Justin and then plays it for Morgan because he thinks that Ellie is cheating on Awesome. Morgan questions Awesome about what their marriage is like and determines that Awesome is so awesome that the problem has to be Ellie. Casey breaks into their apartment to plant a bug and snoop but Ellie comes home and flips out, clocks him with a frying pan and runs straight to Justin's office.

When the spy gang attempts to catch Shaw they end up finding Ellie. Chuck has to clue her in to some parts of his CIA job. There's running and arguing and stuff and then Shaw shoots Papa Bartowski in the heart right in front of Chuck (and a hiding Ellie) and he uses his superior evilness to make the heads of the CIA and NSA believe that he's, like, the main good guy in all the land. That allows him to legally kidnap Casey, Sarah, Chuck and General Beckman and the only person who knows about it is Ellie. She calls Awesome, as any sane person would in an emergency, who in turn calls Morgan (again, as I myself would in this situation) and the junior spy duo springs into action.

Ellie follows the paddy wagon until the boys can swoop in and take over. They haul ass in Casey's Crown Vic and when they find the wagon, it's pulled over and Shaw is attempting to force our spys to escape so that he can shoot them in the back and still look like a hero. Awesome and Morgan unwittingly hit secret buttons in the Crown Vic which send a missile into the wagon, temporarily disabling Shaw so that they can run in and get the good guys out.

From there we get flashbacks (guess who's had an intersect in his head since he was 11?), disguises, accents, plans, some petty squabbling, a promise to quit the biz and a "mwa ha ha" from Chuck that tickled me to my core. Chuck gets the Governor and the good guys prevail. Morgan dials his phone with his nose and tongue, breaks his thumbs and accidentally blows up the Buy More (good riddance, I say!). And Chuck tells Ellie he means to keep his promise about quitting the spy trade because she told him to. I kind of wanted to smack Ellie for that, but whatevs.

Oh yeah, and this happens, but I really don't want to talk about it.

A truly great season finale. Can't wait for the fourth season. Thank you, NBC, for doing the right thing by this show.

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