April 6, 2010

One Step Closer To The End

What I learned from Gossip Girl last night:

1) Jenny is manipulative, hateful and annoying. Still.

3) Nate is cute, but dumb. Still.

4) Jack Bass is vile. Still.

5) The writers don't know what the fuck to do with Blair or Chuck. Still.

6) Dan's a bad writer and a worse liar. Still.

7) Vanessa is a bad writer and a worse liar and a condescending editor. Still.

8) Dan and Vanessa are boring together. Still.
9) Connor Paolo's (Eric) hair is terrible but it's even worse when he puts a stocking cap on it. Yikes!

10) Chuck tricked Blair into screwing Jack to rescue him and his hotel which is gross in a way that even Original Chuck wouldn't have stooped to because as despicable as he can be, he would never team up with Jack to sell someone he loved into prostitution without them knowing. Especially if that someone was Blair!

I'm pretty sure I hate this show now.

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