April 6, 2010

Chuck vs. General Beckman

Twitter had been abuzz with "best episode ever" talk about last night's Chuck since some time last week so I was anxious but a little skeptical because a couple of weeks ago when I thought the ep was weak, Twitter thought it was awesome and when Twitter thought that one back before the Olympics was weak, I loved it. So sometimes Twitter and I do not agree on Chuck.

Anyway, we picked up where we left off last week with Chuck scrambling to save Sarah from Shaw in light of the discovery that Sarah killed Mrs. Shaw. The General tells Chuck to stand down until they know more but Chuck isn't about to take a wait-and-see approach to Sarah's life so he asks Casey how to rescue her and Casey gives him the magic number for calling in air strikes and SWAT teams and tanks. All and sundry descend on Sarah and Shaw only to discover the two of them hugging it out after Sarah finds out that the woman she killed for her Red Test was Mrs. Shaw. Ooops!

So now Beckman's all pissed at Chuck's inability to follow orders and how he wasted a zillion dollars worth of resources to rescue Sarah from a hug, and she suspends him and goes ahead with her plan to send Sarah and Shaw to Washington D.C. to head up some Ring Task Force or whatever. But then Shaw suddenly has this intel about where the Ring director is or something so he and Sarah and Chuck go in to...destroy the office or something - listen, the details aren't really what's important here so just bear with me. Anyway, Shaw is futzing while Sarah and Chuck hold Ring Leader (hee!) and his assistant and a janitor hostage in the elevator and Ring Leader chats them up about how they're making an intersect of their own, right before the Ring agents turn the tables, and the guns, on our heroes and hold them hostage.

Just then, Superman...er, Shaw, swoops in and shoots Ring Leader and his minions, saving Sarah and Chuck and once again proving he's the bestest hero ever.

Then he and Sarah are off to Paris for some mission to do something with the info he got at the Ring office but really it's so he can drug and kill Sarah in the same spot where she killed Mrs. Shaw 5 years ago. Dun, dun, dun!

Back in Burbank, Morgan wants to be a spy so he got Chuck to agree to hire him on as his spy assistant and Morgan quits Buy More, but that was before Beckman dressed Chuck down and took away all his privileges - like hiring people. So then Morgan has to go beg Big Mike for his job back. And while the two of them are pouting at home and Chuck is watching and rewatching a surveillance video of when Shaw rescued him, Morgan is like "dude, that's not only fake fighting, it's badly choreographed fake fighting." So they wake the General to tell her how Shaw really is a bad guy but she's too busy being disgusted that Morgan knows anything about anything so she hangs up on them.

So Chuck and Morgan go to Casey and Morgan gets Casey to stop pretending he isn't a spy anymore and sack up. You can tell it's a nice moment because Casey doesn't even kill him. Off to Paris the boys go, arriving just in time for Casey to capture Ring Leader and for Chuck to save Sarah by shooting and killing Shaw! I know!

In the end, Sarah and Chuck are heralded by Beckman for being awesome and given an assignment to stay together in Burbank. Then they hang up on her and have some "we're in love now" sex in Paris.

Oh, and Casey wins his job back by wrapping Ring Leader up in a little metaphorical bow for The General and just when he's got her where he wants her, he gets her to hire Morgan too. Aw! She agrees and calls Morgan to offer him the job, tells him to keep his Buy More job as his cover and also tells him that he has Casey to thank.

I love this new spy team. I'd love it more if Awesome continued to be involved but the next ep (in three weeks) is Awesome and Ellie-centric so I'll be patient.

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