April 28, 2010

The Charleses's In Charge

I caught up on Chuck last night. Such a bummer I couldn't watch it live to try and help out those ratings but sometimes a life away from the television can not be helped. Wow, talk about something I never say!

I'm glad that Sarah and Chuck stopped being stupid and decided to be spies who date each other and that Beckman gave them the old "about time" (because, seriously!). I enjoy the interaction between Casey and Morgan a lot. Morgan's unwitting heroism is fantastic and it reminds me of how Chuck started out only minus the intersect and the extreme nervousness.

I look forward to next week when our favorite spy team has to rescue Awesome and Ellie from...something that's happening in Africa and I hope that whatever happens, they all end up back in Burbank.

Oh yeah, and if I never see Jeffster again, it will not break my heart. Sorry, Schwartz, but those two have run their course. Time to relegate them to the extreme background.

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