April 28, 2010

'Atta Girl!

I tweeted about it live but it bears repeating that the character Mary Beth Peil plays on The Good Wife is so completely different from the awesomely lovable Grams Lindley on Dawson's Creek so as to render the actress almost unrecognizable. Jackie Florrick is a seriously scary lady.

In other Good Wife news, Alicia has had it up to HERE with Peter's shit and she's ready to start dating Will now and oh my GOD, what took her so damn long? My mother and I argue this nearly every week but I don't care how you slice it - cheating or not, lying or not - I would have dumped Peter like 2 tons of garbage at mere suggestion that I had a chance to nail Will. Josh Charles remains very high on my list of all-time celeb crushes.
Even though his hair still has some room for improvement.

And finally, Carey is back to being kind of smarmy but at the same time, he's also pretty awesome and so I will just be beside myself if he gets fired from Lockhart Gardner and then leaves the show. Or, even if he stays on the show but is fired from LG. He makes such a genius addition to the LG team.

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