March 9, 2010

Ryan and Baze, sittin' in a tree...

NOW I'm on board with where Liz Tigelaar is taking Life Unexpected's various relationships! Last night she earned all of my trust with some developments that I didn't see coming and truly loved.

After week's of complaints about the inclusion of Ryan (and Math and Jessie) in the family dynamic with Lux, last night we learned that Ryan and Lux have, indeed, developed a rather close and familial relationship on their own that we just hadn't been made aware of yet. (You know, since the show tends to focus so much of it's time on Cate and Baze.)

As you know, Tashia has been ferried off to a place I'm calling "3 Hours Away" on account of it's geographical location in relation to Portland. Between that and Bug's recent disappearance, our Lux is one sad puppy. Baze is letting her nurse her broken heart by skipping school which Math does not approve of. He tells Baze that Lux needs to make friends (especially now that the only two she had have relocated) and that ain't going to happen if she never moves off of their couch. That's when Baze happens upon the adorable Jones who's volunteered to bring Lux her homework just so he has a chance to see her. Baze tells him to ask her out and gives him some pointers on how to win her over.

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are faking a happy relationship on the radio because their listeners are getting whiplash from their ever-changing status and the PTB at the station are a bit sick of it. One of their promotional duties is to host the bridal show and you can imagine how much fun that is for people the world thinks are engaged but who are actually broken up and in a huge, ugly fight, right?

Saturday rolls around and Lux is off on an all-day-date with Jones but she leaves her cell phone in the loft. That's how Baze finds out that Lux confides in Ryan, told him about her date with Jones and has made plans to go car shopping with him soon. Baze, as I'm sure you can imagine, is all fired up about this development, seeing it as another example of how Ryan is trying to horn in on his dad action. So he storms out to the bridal show to piss on Ryan's parade with Math in tow.

Cate is trying on wedding dresses for a photo shoot when Ryan comes in to hurry her along and they share a moment where he admits that he misses her and still loves her and she suggests they pretend things are ok for themselves just like they're pretending for the audience and then eventually the pretending will make it so and everything will be back to how it was before she banged her high school crush. As ideas go, that one is fairly poor. Anyway, their moment takes too long so the skip the photo shoot and head straight to the game show portion of the festivities where Ryan is set to compete against...Math and Baze to see who knows Cate best. There is all this bickering between the boys but then Baze tells Ryan why he's being such a bitch about Ryan and Ryan kind of understands but does not apologize for his relationship with Lux because he has just as much right to love her and feel fatherly toward her as anyone else in the world at this point.

Then Ryan throws a little fit and walks off stage and he and Cate have it out and he tells her that he's just realized that he isn't really mad at Baze at all because, as Baze so rightly pointed out, Baze didn't even know Ryan existed when he slept with Cate so the only one at fault is her and she has nothing but cheap and pathetic excuses for her behavior and Ryan is not going to put up with it anymore. (On a side note, this fight is where Math finds out that Ryan slept with Cate AGAIN and is hella pissed/hurt and the impression is left that Math is not speaking to Baze any longer.)

While all this drama is unfolding in Portland, Jones is driving Lux out to 3 Hours Away to surprise her with a visit to Tashia. Then he entertains Tashia's new foster siblings to give the girls some bonding time. In a move that makes me remember why Tashia really irks me, she picks the exact moment that Lux is busy talking about how sweet and great Jones is to tell L that Bug called and left her his number. Then she makes Lux take the number even though Lux says she doesn't want it. I mean, WTF Tash? That kid is a jackass of the highest order why are you encouraging your friend to put up with his shit when there is a nice, sweet boy that'd treat her so much better? Damaged children, these.

Back to Portland Jones and Lux go and after Lux tells him how much she enjoyed their date and how much she actually likes him, he tells her that Baze kind of orchestrated it all. But he only tells her because he really likes her and he doesn't want her to find out and think he took credit for something he shouldn't have. Unfortunately, as it always is with Lux, what she hears is "things aren't as you thought they were and so you should be seething mad at one or all of your parents and everyone else who cares about you in any way." Que the angry tirade at Jones and then Baze. Then she calls Bug's number and tells some woman to ask Bug to come home. Ugh!

Later, while Baze is tending bar, Ryan comes in to request a truce. Baze accepts and promptly asks for his help in helping Lux understand that what went down was not a malicious act against her. So up to the loft Ryan goes where he has an incredibly awesome father/daughter moment with Lux and he helps her forgive Baze and Jones and then she asks him if he's ok and he tells her he isn't because he misses Cate.

Lux goes to Jones's house and they make up and decide to start from scratch as friends but those two are so ridiculously cute that they better move to boyfriend/girlfriend status soon because it's obviously how God intends for it to be.

Oh yeah, and Cate packs up everything in her house that reminds her of Ryan then receives a delivery from the Bridal Show people - a wedding dress with a card that says "to the happy couple" and then she breaks down. Really nice job by Shiri Appleby there.

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