March 30, 2010

It's Just A Little Rain

A giant storm turned everything kind of awesome last night on Life Unexpected.

Kate re-proposes to Ryan who accepts and then they set about planning their wedding. Cate asks Lux to be her maid of honor and then Abby invites herself to be maid of honor and Cate doesn't just come out and say no.

Then Cate finds out that Baze and Abby are dating and shit gets tense. Cate and Ryan start to feel overwhelmed with family craziness about the wedding so they decide to elope right that very night - just them and Lux. Cute.

Lux meanwhile is at a party at Jones's where she flirts with Jones and then acts pissed and indignant when he kisses her. Jones, a million times more patient with her crap than I would be, soothes the sitch and gets her to stay, promising they'll just be friends. Then a bit later she finds him makin' out with another girl and goes postal. He rightly asks what her beef is - he can't kiss her but he can't kiss other girls either? (Dude is seriously cute so he needs to be kissing someone!) He even mentions how that was a lot less assy than, say, agreeing to go to a dance with her and then banging his ex just before - is it any wonder why I like Jones so much? Anyway, to her credit, she knows she's being ridiculous but she seems a little powerless to deal with her feelings. So she calls home to ask someone to pick her up.

But Cate thought she was at Baze's and she's already there - experiencing the most awkward fight over a boy in the history of the world. So Ryan picks Lux up. That's when the rain turns into some kind of deluge, knocking power out and sending the city of Portland into lock down with Ryan and Lux stuck at the radio station (it's very close to Jones's house, I guess) and Cate, Abby, Baze, Jamie and Math are all stuck at the loft.

While at the station, Ryan and Lux are having yet another awesome father/daughter conversation where she tells him how she freaked out on Jones and then tells him a lot about her life growing up as an orphan. Ryan gives her good advice about telling Jones she's sorry and that she has some issues being rejected but she knows that that's just what she did to him and she never wanted to make him feel that way. He tells her that if she's honest with Jones and not afraid to tell him how she feels, he'll understand. I absolutely love every seen that Britt and Kerr have together. The two of them have such easy chemistry.

Across town at the loft of insanity, Abby and Cate are fighting about Abby dating Baze while Jamie and Math tell Baze that he needs to stop dating Abby because she is moving herself into their home, she's bossing them all around and insinuating herself into their lives in a very unwelcome way and he doesn't really even want to be with her anyway. He does not argue with any of that. He attempts to break up with her, but because he's too big a wuss to say "Abby, I like you ok, but I don't really want to date you and I certainly don't want you to move in here and take over my life. We need to break up" he instead tells her that he can't date her anymore because he has feelings for Cate. Cate, naturally, overhears and does not have the good sense or manners to pretend she didn't and just go about life as if she does not know that Baze likes her. Instead she comes unglued and yells at him for liking her. Then he tells her that he actually just made that up because he was too chicken to tell Abby that he only dated her to prove to Lux and Cate that he was growing up and could be in a real relationship.

When he fesses up to Abby about the same thing, even mentioning that for the past couple of months he's been trying to make up for a mistake he made 16 years ago and trying to be the person he wasn't for 16 years because of it, she sweetly tells him that he needs to acknowledge that making that his go-to lie means there is some truth to it. And Abby also points out to Cate that C has some left-over feelings for Baze too. I don't deny that Cate clearly has feelings for Baze (and Baze is obviously totally in love with Cate) but I also think it's pretty clear she really does love Ryan too. I'm in favor of this as a continuting issue of exploration because I do think it's possible to have these kinds of feelings for two people at the same time, especially in a complicated situation like exists on this show.

Anyway, Abby and Cate also have a heart to heart wherein Abby tells Cate that the main reason she forced herself into Baze's life was to get closer to Cate because the minute Cate found out she was pregnant, she pushed Abby and everyone else away and Abby has missed her ever since. Cate says that she needed someone to be there for her - Baze, mom, dad, Abby - but no one was. Abby quite rightly says that Cate can't blame her for that because Abby was 14 at the time - she was just a kid herself - and she didn't know what to say or do for Cate. Cate agrees with that sentiment.

When the power comes back on, Ryan and Lux pick Cate up. Cate and Lux have an awesome heart to heart where Cate confesses her Baze/Abby issues to Lux and how she's afraid to tell Ryan because she doesn't want him to think that it means something more than it does. Lux, having received maybe the best advice of her life from Ryan these past couple of months, tells Cate that Ryan might understand if she tells him the truth. Off the little fam goes, making a stop at Jones's so Lux can take Ry's advice (works just like he said it would) and Cate can take Lux's which also works because Ryan understands. He's come to terms with the Baze situation and would never have come back to Cate if he hadn't already dealt with his Baze hysteria. He understands that the shit that was stirred up for Cate (all the shit, including Baze feelings) when Lux came back are not going to go away but that they can find a way to live with it all.

They decide not to elope now after all and instead the three of them go get champagne and breakfast fixings and go back to the loft where they tell Baze, Abby, Jamie, Math and Lux that when they get married, they want all of them - their family - to be there. It's a really awesome scene I've been waiting for ever since the birthday cake at the end of the first episode. But Baze is really sad through it all because he has figured out that he really does love Cate and he doesn't really want her to get married to anyone else.
Line of the week is going to Math for noting that Baze and Abby sounded like "two cats beind drowned in...more cats." Hee!

Next week Lux and Cate go to find Cate's deadbeat dad and Lux invites Baze to come along. I no longer know exactly which couples I'm rooting for on this damn show but what I do know is that no matter what happens, I want more scenes between Cate and Lux, Ryan and Lux, Ryan and Baze, Lux and Baze, Cate and Baze (where both are being nice to each other) and all the characters (minus Abby - that girl really does bug) together.

On a side note, I find both of the leading men on this show ridiculously cute.

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