February 17, 2010

The Universe Is My New Best Friend

I haven't been having a very good week. Nothing earth-shattering or truly awful, just one of those weeks where a whole bunch of little stuff goes just wrong or badly enough that it has you counting the minutes until it's over. But one thing that's helped my mood a bit are the 5 episodes of Everwood's third season that are up on TheWB.com right now (I've watched 4 of them so far). After finishing the episode "Sacrifice" last night, I made a mental note to post a letter here today requesting that Warner Bros. TV, Warner Home Video and the Universe at large cut me a break and release the 3rd (and 4th if they're feeling really generous) season of this awesome show on DVD already.

A few minutes ago, the lovely people over at TVonDVD.com have shared the awesome news that the third season will in fact be released on DVD on June 15th! I am doing cartwheels (metaphorically - my cubicle is much to small for that sort of shenanigans!) right now!