February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

Hal Holbrook turns 85 today. He's such the quintessential "little old man" to me as my memories of him are mostly as Reese Watson, boyfriend to Julia Sugarbaker (played by his real life wife Dixie Carter), on Designing Women. And he seemed about 80 back then so I guess he's actually considerably younger than I would have given him credit for.

Dominic Purcell who is not a great actor but was still fairly good on Prison Break, is 40 today. Even after that show started to bore me, I always appreciated how many good looking bald men it employed.

Lou Diamond Phillips turns 48. I don't think I've really seen much of his work but I do like his recurring guest role as Edgerton the sniper on Numb3rs.

Jerry O'Connell is 36. He's an interesting fellow, after a very long career as a working actor, he up and went back to school to become a lawyer last year. And he seems really funny. He isn't a great actor either but he was the best thing about Crossing Jordan for several years.

And the supremely talented and attractive Joseph Gordon Levitt is 29.

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