January 28, 2010

A Conversation

My friend Eileen is frustrated because her son has been sick for months with a sinus infection that won't go away and they've been to several doctors of all different specialties including an allergist, and two ear nose and throat specialists and no one can seem to solve the problem. Yesterday they went to ENT #3 who spent 10 minutes with him and diagnosed him as having enlarged adenoids, inflamed tonsils and something else that was irregular - all of which make a person super prone to sinus infections and all of which can be easily cured with a simple surgical procedure.

Today, we had the following conversation via instant message:

(Oh, it's also important to note that while my flu is gone, I have a lingering cough that's caused me to have the most ridiculously squeaky, whispery, hoarse voice ever.)

Eileen: How's your voice today?

Me: Same. It comes and goes. More going than coming at this point.

Eileen: Ha!

Me: I'm sure I'd get it back to normal if I could just stop the coughing...

Eileen: Go get your adenoids checked.

Me: And all those other things in there that can be too big..or small...or inflamed? Know any good ENTs?

Eileen: I know at least two terrible ones!

Me: Who apparently wouldn't know an enlarged adenoid if it introduced itself!

Eileen: That's very funny! "Hi, I'm Addie the Adenoid."

Me: "Well hello, Addie. You don't seem unreasonably large at all."

Eileen: I am on the phone with a customer right now, and that literally made me laugh out loud.

Me: Sorry! You should really know better than to IM with me if you aren't free to giggle.

Eileen: Yeah, I really should. But dammitman! THAT was really, really funny!

Me: Glad I could make you laugh about the whole thing.

Eileen: Now I'm re-reading it, and laughing again.

Me: I have a mental picture of a cartoon doctor and adenoid having a conversation. The doc has coke-bottle glasses, obviously.

Eileen: What does the Adenoid look like?

Me: Um...BIG, round pink blob with a bouffant 'do and way too much lipstick.

Eileen: Still laughing.

Me: Addie the Adenoid has a totally nasal voice, by the way.

Eileen: How could she NOT?

Me: Right?

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Brenda B said...

Ahhh Yes I miss IM'ing with you at Work.