November 2, 2009

Weekend In Reveiws

I spent most of my weekend reading for Book Club but I did manage to watch something.

Leverage, Season 1 - It's a decent heist show. I mean, the effects are sometimes really cheesy, some of the plots are a bit suspect, and I'd be willing to bet a set visit would reveal more than a few dental impressions on the scenery thanks to Timothy Hutton but mostly it's enjoyable to watch.

I find Christian Kane's hair unbearably distracting, and I guess I could say the same about Hutton's as well but since he's supposed to be a drunkard increasingly losing his ability to keep his shit together, it's ok for his hair to be greasy and slept on and unkempt. But there is no excuse at all for Kane to be sporting that shoulder-length, blown-dry, styled to within an inch of it's life hair. Gina Bellman's hair on the other hand is gorgeous and I want it desperately.

My favorite folks on the show though, are Beth Riesgraf and especially Aldis Hodge who I have always enjoyed as an actor (even when he was Voodoo Tatum on FNL and when he killed Sammy on Supernatural) but he's really fantastic as the computer nerd/master criminal Hardison on Leverage. I'm glad someone finally cast him as a series regular.

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