November 2, 2009

Dear Megan,

Your movie husband is lookin' pretty cute in Dear John (scheduled for release February 5, 2010).
Your Favorite (Big) Sister


Megan Mann said...

Good Lord, isn't he sexy? Yeah well, he'd look better in my bed ;) Ahhh.. I love my husband. He really has no idea how much I love him. It's ridiculous. Hahaha

Megan's Christmas List:
- Channing Effing Tatum :]

Thanks sis, that made my shitty night at the library a lot better

Love you!

Lisa Bejin said...

What the F missy! He is MY husband. and we will have kids. shame on you for posting for megan. breaks my heart. >:[ Lisa

Melissa said...

Ok now, no fighting girls. He's clearly enough man to go around.

Next time I find a hot picture of him, I'll give it a "Dear Lisa," - I'll alternate. :)