November 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 14: Redemption? Eh.

I really hope that next week they cut way back on the filler and give each couple two dances because stretching 7 routines into 2 hours is completely ridiculous.

Jacob and Ashleigh - Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
A decent NappyTabs routine and they danced it quite well. I think Jacob got just a little loose and flappy in the middle, but overall he danced it well. Ashleigh was very crisp and sharp and both of them gave the appropriate attitude in their performances. I particularly enjoyed her acting at the end as she texted the home wrecker back and left his cheating ass.
Grade: A-

Kevin and Karen - Broadway (Spencer Liff)
Well one week after the first Broadway routine to really blow me away, we get right back to the usual Broadway fare. That is to say boring, uninteresting and uninspiring. I thought the choreography was a complete snore and the dancers added absolutely nothing to it. Kevin was too straight and stiff with no performance at all. Karen was flat and boring and also without performance. It seems she only has two speeds "over-the-top sexy vixen" and "off."
Grade: C-

Russell and Noelle - Fox Trot (Edward Simon)
My favorite Fox Trot choreography ever. With traditional ballroom, the routines are usually so boring with nothing but the dance on display, which is particularly tough for a Fox Trot because it's such a slow-paced dance. But this one had personality in the movement like I've never seen before. The dancers also brought a lot of personality to it and both danced with such joy that I found it impossible not to smile through the entire thing. Russell continues to delight me and his Fox Trotting did get considerably better since the first week. Noelle was a revelation here and is really coming into her own in the competition.
Grade: A

Victor and Channing - Jazz (Tyce DiOrio)
A very conceptual piece where Channing and Victor were blackbirds, danced to a Bobby McFarin cover of "Blackbird," so...weird. But pretty great. I agreed with the judges that Victor is good but he isn't doing anything that makes me really take notice. He hasn't exhibited any real growth on the show yet, though perhaps that's because he hasn't gotten a style that required him to stretch too awfully much. Channing finally really shined for me. This was the best she's danced on the show and the only time she gave any measure of performance. Overall a great number.
Grade: A

Legacy and Kathryn - Paso Doble (Tony Meredith)
I'm with Debbie Allen - I'm over the Paso Doble. They're all the same with their whipping skirts and stalking men and bombastic music. That said, I did think Kathryn danced the shit out of this routine and was committed to every ounce of her performance. Legacy had just the right performance in his face and...he was half naked, but his dancing was less than stellar and did not stand out for me at all. His abs are spectacular though.
Grade: B+

Ryan and Ellenore - Contemporary (Travis Wall)
I love Travis but I do think that he gets praised a bit more effusively than is strictly appropriate, based solely on the fact that he began as a contestant and the judges like to pat themselves on the back for having something to do with his greatness. But at the same time, his dances are very accessible and wonderful to watch. Here we've got two lovers who run into each other unexpectedly after a very long time apart. There was drama and emotion and lifting and flying and some sexiness. Both Ryan and Ellenore danced it fantastically with most of his brilliance coming from his strong partnering and lift abilities. He's the only one on the show this season that succeeds in showcasing the lift and not the effort behind it. Ellenore was in the movement completely, as if she wasn't so much dancing as really living the story.
Grade: A

Nathan and Mollee - Pop Jazz (Lauri Ann Gibson)
Sometimes there are routines that I just don't get and this was one of them. I thought it was boring and all this hubbub before hand about screaming and dancing from their souls came off as total rubbish the second the lights came up and they were dancing to Butterface Gaga. I don't really know if they danced it well because I didn't understand what they were supposed to be doing. There was stuff happening with their wrists and some running, but overall it was just...a whole lot of nothing much at all for me. At least I don't think they'll suffer for the choreography, as I believe that Nathan's little fan base will keep them safe no matter what they dance. More's the pity though because talk about someone who isn't growing in the competition! His attitude, his dancing, and his physical appearance lead me to believe that he's putting forth far less effort in this competition than everyone else and I hate to see him getting by on his face alone.
Grade: C

Bottom 3: Kevin and Karen, Victor and Channing, Legacy and Kathryn (I think Mollee and Nathan should wind up here but I very much doubt they will)
Should Go Home: Nathan and Karen
Will Go Home: Kevin and Channing

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Kelly said...

My bottom 3 are Karen and Kevin, Nathan and Mollee, Victor and Channing

Who should go, Karen and Nathan

Who will go, Karen and Kevin