November 18, 2009

Sexiest Men Alive

People Magazine is once again ready to name their Sexiest Man Alive. I usually take issue with the issue because first of all, it changes every year and since the previous recipient has rarely passed away or become disfigured when they bestow the "honor" on a new recipient, and the new recipient is almost never someone who just spontaneously appeared from nothing since last year, then presumably both men are every bit as sexy today as they were 12 months ago, right? Plus the person they name is only "sexiest" to the handful of people who work at People and decide these things so it should be called the "Sexiest Man of the Year, In Our Opinion" issue.

But that's neither here nor there I suppose. What is important right now is that they've popped up some preview pictures of the men who made the short list (as well as the winner - Johnny Depp...a bandwagon on which I believe they're jumping about 20 years too late, but whatevs) and among their pictures was this:

And now I need to send love letters to the people at People because holy MOLY does my TV boyfriend, Mark Salling (right), look gorgeous. And his costars, Cory Monteith (left) and Matthew Morrison (center), are pretty hot their own selves!

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