November 12, 2009

Friday Night Glee

I could not fall asleep last night at all. I felt tired but as soon as I laid down my eyes popped right open and I couldn't make them shut. So I was up watching television until well after 1:00am. Among the things that I watched were the first season episode of The O.C. where Seth professes his love for Summer on the coffee cart ("The Telenovela") and the episode of Gilmore Girls with the fallout from Rory having sex with a married Dean. Dean was a pretty ginormous dickhead to Lindsey when he came home that night fresh from cheating on her. I'd forgotten that part of it.

Oh yeah, and I also watched stuff that was new last night.

SYTYCD - I was wrong about the bottom three as Mollee and Nathan were saved by the same contingent of voters who nearly made David Archuletta the American Idol winner. Peter and Pauline went home instead. I supported her ouster but would have sent Ryan home in her place if it'd been my call. Oh well.

Friday Night Lights - Well, coach's motivational jersey burning last week bit him in the ass this week when he couldn't come up with the dough to pay for new jerseys. That caused a fight between him and Tami wherein he was very wrong and she was very awesome.

Buddy could no longer stand the evil influence of the positively vial Joe McCoy so he fessed up to both installing the cheater mailbox and to telling Eric about it. Then he told the boosters and Joe and everyone else that they were assholes and he was no longer a Panther. It would have only been better if he'd punched McCoy in his smug face on his way out.

Matt bonded with the crazy artist man and the crazy artist told Julie she was holding Matt back and Matt and Julie had a sweet date which was all well and good but in the scenes from next week I am about 99.9999% sure that they're implying Grandma Saracen dies so I have to stop talking about Matt immediately or I'll burst into tears.

Coach continued trying to motivate the team and whip them into some kind of shape so he put the only player he's got who he sticks Luke in as a defensive back and pretty much ignores the kid which pisses Luke off. Then he spends all of his time screaming at Vince because Vince is certainly capable but he's not picking shit up as fast as Coach would like and that pisses Vince off. Tim takes a mentoring role with Luke and then lets Coach know that Luke is going to need some love from Coach sooner than later and Coach bites Tim's head off, as is his wont but only because he's stressed and not a terribly touchy-feely guy. Eventually Coach seeks Luke out and asks him to be a leader on the team and to do what Coach tells him to do and in return Coach will do everything in his power to get Luke a scholarship at a good college.

Meanwhile Vince continues to hang out with that jackass who sparked Coach's most horrific outburst of all time in the premier. That kid is poison. Vince hates on Luke out of jealousy and fails to properly block for him in a game which almost costs the Lions their only touchdown. That prompts a fight between Coach and Vince on the field which Vince does not win because no one wins a fight with Coach on the field.

Tim continues to be stalked by his landlord's pageant daughter. To his great credit he does not nail her despite the fact that it would be so easy and he's never not nailed a girl in his life before. He does however tell her that Luke likes her and that she should go out with him.

And finally, because he's working with so few players, Coach has to turn many of his kids into utility players so he asks Landry to learn to punt. He's not good. Fortunately, Jess and her brood of young siblings happened by while he was practicing and she taught him the trick then had the kids shagging his balls (DIRTY!). There was flirting and it was wonderful.

Glee - I was mistaken about the Kurt/Finn scenes, those are next week. But instead there were absolutely wonderful scenes between Kurt and his dad.

Rachel and Kurt had a diva-off to determine who would sing lead on "Defying Gravity" at sectionals and Kurt threw the competition to keep his dad from having to deal with the prejudices Kurt himself faces all the time.

Artie got some love - from the whole club when they spent three hours a day in wheel chairs to understand him better and to practice for a wheelchair-bound number, when they had a bake sale to raise money for a handicapable bus so he could travel with them to Sectionals, when Quinn referred to Artie as their friend to Puck, when Artie requested that they use the money for a ramp in the auditorium instead and everyone agreed with Finn noting "better than having to carry you in everyday." And from Tina who totally planted one on him.

Unfortunately she then confessed that she fakes her stutter and he left her high and dry. But I'm hoping that is only temporary and he comes to his senses next week.

Quinn is receiving sonogram bills at an alarming rate and is all over Finn's ass about paying for them when she should be all over Teri's ass about that. But Puck overhears and he bakes his little ass off making pot cupcakes with just enough of the secret ingredient to give people the munchies so they'll buy more. That brings in quite the haul at the glee club bake sale which Puck attempts to skim off the top of to help pay for the sonogram and convince Quinn that the two of them and their possibly mohawked baby should be a family and that he'd be a good dad. There are numerous good moments between the two of them and a seriously hot food fight but in the end she won't let him take money from their friend in a wheelchair. And Rachel helped Finn get a job (by making the hiring manager believe he was really wheelchair bound and threatening to sue) so he can foot the bill for his non-baby's prenatal car anyway.

And it turns out that Sue has layers, family members and a heart. She is forced by Figgins to hold open auditions to fill Quinn's spot on the Cheerios and when she does she accepts Becky as the newest Cheerio. Becky has Downs Syndrome and is sweet and adorable so you're just waiting for Sue to do something awful to her. Instead we find out that Sue's older sister has Downs Syndrome and then we all cry for a while. And then Sue pays for ramps at the school so Artie and the club get their bus after all.

I think I'll go home and watch this episode again.

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