October 14, 2009

Hair Watch Week 3: Backslide

Josh Charles's hair was back to 2nd episode baddness last night. I think the hair department might be spending too much time making Juliana Margulies's hair look ridiculously perfect and no time at all on poor Josh. I'm going to start a campaign to get him his own hair person - preferably the same hair person he had on Sports Night.

Allow me to illustrate the problem.


Episode 4:

Do you see it? I know it's hard because his head is practically microscopic in that second picture, but it's all long and lounge lizardy now. Shorter is just better on him.

In other news of The Good Wife, the directors should take note that there are some angles from which Christine Baranski is truly frightening to look at. Last night's episode was full of them. But other than that, another solid episode and the clues as to how shady Alicia's husband is are really starting to come out now and I'm loving it.

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