October 15, 2009

Best [Stupid] Baby Name Ever: Drizzle

What I'm really starting to love on Glee is how all of the glee kids are becoming a click of their own. I know that Santana and Britney are probably still only there as spies for Sue but...maybe not. Maybe the bonding happening around them - between the original outsiders, the jocks (Puck, Matt, and Mike) and Quinn - will eventually turn them into full-fledged gleeks!

Last night was full to the BRIM with song and dance numbers - a Quinn solo, a typical Rachel/Finn shmoop-fest, Mercedes and the minority kids bringing some soul to the mix, the entire glee club's secret jam session and a final number highlighting the club's support of Quinn now that her pregnancy is public knowledge. It was also full of Sue. I think she's HI-larious, but maybe an episode that features her so prominently is a little too much of a good thing.

Speaking of too much - too much fake pregnancy last night and way too much of Will being so dumb.

The best things that happened last night? The secret group jam session (pictured) and when all the kids stormed out on Schue and Sue's fight, complete with the jocks carrying Artie's chair up the stairs. I seriously love that they're all becoming friends!

Next week their friendship shifts the balance of power at McKinley High and turns even the popular glee kids into outcasts, resulting in iccee's to the face for everyone. Observe:

But how great is it to think of Puck and Rachel strolling down the hall together like buddies? It's awesome right? Ok fine, maybe it's only my heart's cockles that are warmed by this development.

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