October 16, 2009

Friday Night Thoughts

EW's Michael Ausiello is in Austin visiting the set of Friday Night Lights right now. He's been tweeting pictures from the set and so far I can tell you the following things:

1) I'm really going to miss the blue Panther uniforms.

2) Even though Kyle Chandler looks just as good in red.

3) I am so damn happy that my beloved Landry made the move with Coach Taylor.

4) I'm a little worried because after he watched the first episode of the new season, Ausiello teased that someone we wouldn't expect turned into a real douche over the summer and...Landry is the one I'd expect the least so now he's who I suspect the most. You know? Gulp!

I'm sure that as he posts more pictures, I'll have more thoughts that I will need to share. Stay tuned!

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