October 16, 2009

The Antichrist Is Adorable

Supernatural went there last night, finding the Antichrist in Alliance, Nebraska. Poor kid didn't know what he was so he was just sittin' around believing that itching powder would make you itch your brains out, joy buzzers would electrocute you, masturbating will give you a hairy palm, and if you don't stop, your face will freeze that way and his crazy Antichrist powers made all that shit happen to the people who live near him. And Dean.

There was a little war for his soul between the demons and the Winchesters...and Castiel who actually just wanted the moppet dead but didn't realize that a frightened Antichrist can turn an angel into a tiny little action figure quick as a blink. In the end the boy sent the demon packing and then ran away to somewhere with better surfing prospects than Nebraska so that he wouldn't hurt his parents. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him, I hope when he comes back he's firmly on the side of good because I do not what him to turn Sam or Dean into teensy bits of plastic!

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