October 6, 2009

And Other Stuff

Well in a shocking televisual development, I got several decent-sized laughs at Accidentally On Purpose last night. And no one even took their shirt off!

Someone did take their shirt of on House and that someone was Chase, so yay. But then he and Cameron hugged which is just awkward to watch given the personal history between the actors. Also, I don't care how good he looks with his shirt off, it will never ever make up for his hair which needs to be washed, combed, cut and washed again. As far as the plot of the show, House was back at work (good) but Foreman was still in charge (bad). Cameron and Chase were back on the team (good) but it was only temporary (bad). Thirteen is still fired (good) but remained on the show (bad). And in the end, Chase totally killed their genocidal dictator patient whom he'd earlier admonished his wife for wanting to off so I'm seeing the seeds of whatever problem between them results in her leaving the show.

And I'm not caught up on OTH yet but I watched last week's ep and would just like to say that all of a sudden, I find myself interested in how the Dan/Rachel relationship turned into whatever the hell it is now and I'm seriously anxious for the rest of the core cast to have a scene or 6 with those two. Also, confidential to Mark Schwann: please for the love of all that is good and right in this world, stop driving a wedge between Haley and Nathan with sluts. If the two of them must have drama, how about it be work-related or something and not because some whore is just always trying to get in his pants. And while I have you here, bring Chris Keller back! Thanks. Love, Melissa.

Finally, in news from the riveting world of ratings, I can report (with far too much enthusiasm frankly) that The Jay Leno Show's slumping ratings hit an all-time low last night, as it was watched by only 4 million people (down more than 13 million viewers from it's premier). Everything else on NBC last night lagged well behind the viewership of it's "Big 4" competition too. The only shows NBC managed to beat in ratings were those on The CW but those almost don't count because it's niche programming. The CW might as well be cable!

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Brenda B said...

I'm at the same point as you on OTH and when I saw Dan (first is STILL ALIVE!!!) announce Rachel as his WIFE WTH!!! Pedifile much? EW!!!

And I totally agree with stop messing with Nathan and Haliey.

Also since when does Haliey have a second sister???