September 1, 2009

News Roundup

I'm not sure why the justice system in Louisiana can't hold on to their criminals but it seems that there is one kid in particular that they keep letting go of. Fredrick Sims, 18, has been arrested more than 30 times in a year so why don't they deny this jackass bail? He did it again, broke into a man's house, beat him half to death, stole his car and went for a ride with his unfortunately named friend who obviously had possession of an illegal substance at the time. I really don't know whether it's Sims or the judges who keep letting him out that are dumber.

Mother of the Year candidate Lauren Story drove drunk with her kid in the car. When she got into a car accident, she tried to flee the scene in another vehicle and left her child in the wrecked car.

Hey, you know what's dumber than making sex tapes? Making sex tapes with your under-age girlfriend!

I have to wonder what the thought process is behind a decision to lead the police on a high speed chase to avoid being ticketed for driving on a suspended license. Because eventual arrest is just so much better than a ticket, right?

Proximity to Florida is really starting to take it's toll on Georgia.

This one just confuses me - he was robbed WHILE he was wearing a bullet proof vest, a duty belt and an empty holster with a stun gun in his jacket? And...why didn't he use the stun gun? Did he tell them he was a cop to avoid questions about his attire? Too many questions.

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