September 1, 2009


In the midst of filming on the new movie The Town (directed by and co-starring Ben Affleck), pictures from the set are popping up all over the 'net. Yesterday was the pic of several members of the cast standing around looking at Blake Lively's manicure. That was fun right?

Today there were pictures of Blake and Ben between scenes having a very animated convo which was pretty cute. But I'm not really interested in today's pictures (or the ones from last week with Ben dressed as a bus driver) what I want to talk about today are a couple more pics from yesterday's batch. Namely a) how trampily low-rent Blake Lively is dressed in the movie. Girlfriend is CLEARLY from the wrong side of the tracks. And I can almost see right up her skirt.
And b) someone has been working out and I really like it.

Oh yeah, the reason I'm jealous? Turns out Blake and Ben have some sex in the movie. Just as it would have been back in the late '90s, this sounds like one of my dream jobs.

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