August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Kyra Sedgwick, gorgeous wife of Kevin Bacon and incredibly talented star of The Closer (which had a particularly terrific episode on Monday), is 44 today.

Matthew Perry turns 40 today. Obviously he'll forever be rememberd for Chandler Bing but you know what else I will always love him for? Fools Rush In and that episode of Growing Pains where he played Carol's boyfriend who drove drunk, got in a car accident and then died. I swear, that's less morbid than it sounds, it was a very touching episode. Perry gets extra points today for wearing pink.

Peter Gallagher celebrates 54 years of eyebrowrrific awesomeness today. I can't decide whether my fondest memories of him are as Sandy Cohen on The O.C. or as the Director of the American Ballet Company, Jonathan, in Center Stage. I'm calling it a tie.

Happy Birthday to all.

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