August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

Robert Redford is 73 today. Wasn't he just ever so dreamy back in the day? It's a toss up which movie had me more agog at the hotness of the leading man - Breakfast at Tiffany's (George Peppard - yowza!) or Barefoot In The Park (Robert Redford). Seriously, if you haven't seen Barefoot, you should watch it because he is smokin'!

Patrick Swayze turns 57. If I had to name the one movie I've seen the most in my life? Dirty Dancing. The summer of 1990 I watched it over and over and over again. I got sun poisoning and was sick for 4 days, I laid in bed and literally watched the movie back to back to back the entire time. To this day I could recite the entire movie word for word if you wanted me to. But you don't, so I won't. I sure hope this isn't Mr. Swayze's last birthday and that he manages to win his fight against pancreatic cancer.

Christian Slater is 40 today. That makes me feel old. Where does the time go? Remember when he was a teenager? Heathers? Gleaming The Cube? I know Heather remembers. She had the biggest crush on Slater of anyone ever. I too thought he was a babe. My favorite Christian Slater movie is Pump Up The Volume, though I'll admit that "talk hard" somehow made a lot more sense when I wasn't trying to make sense of it at all, than it does now, when I watch the movie with more than just my hormones. But still, it's a bit of high school nostalgia. I also deeply love Mobsters which may be one of the cheesiest movies he's done (excluding Kuffs because I like to pretend that movie never existed) but which includes a number of delightfully memorable moments including the part where one guy bites another's nose off, and Christian's convo with Anthony Quinn wherein Quinn tells him that if he farts in the wrong direction...[mime's slitting throat] and Christian notes that Quinn is always complaining he never eats and if he doesn't eat, how will he fart? What I love the most about that is how when the movie airs on basic cable, they bleep out the word "fart." Also, that movie features a just-starting-to-get-hot Patrick Dempsey as Meyer Lansky. Just a side note I thought worth mentioning.

Finally, Edward Norton turns 40 today as well. Edward Norton is so the thinking woman's hot piece. He's brilliant in everything he's in but I my personal favorites are American History X, The Italian Job, and most especially Rounders. He is just about the world's most perfect card-playing slimy weasel.

Happy Birthday, gentlemen.

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