August 18, 2009

Evil Genius

Ashton Kutcher must sit around at night twirling his proverbial mustache and laughing "mwa ha ha"-style because dude is a total evil genius. I had NO desire whatsoever to watch that show he's producing for the CW about models. But first he has the foresight to hire Mischa Barton who up and has a breakdown shortly before the show airs so there is this whole morbid curiosity working that makes the worst part of me kind of want to see how they're going to write a story that explains why this model looks like day-old, puffy ass all the time. But I was pretty sure that even my morbid curiosity wasn't going to succeed in making me tune in for the first episode.

Then comes this picture and I'm feeling a bit helpless against the hip waders and adorable puppy. I'm only human for God's sake!

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