August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

A number of notable birthdays today.

Casey Affleck is 34 today. Casey is considerably more under the radar than his older brother but has been terrific in a number of good movies. He was very funny in Ocean's 11 and Good Will Hunting, and I thought his work in Gone Baby Gone was particularly great. Of course, he's also "directing" the documentary about the complete lunacy that is Joaquin Phoenix (who happens to be his bestie and brother-in-law) his cv is a bit of a mixed bag.

Peter Krause turns 44. He's been in some stuff that's garnered him acclaim (Six Feet Under) and attention (Dirty Sexy Money) but what I love him for is playing Casey McCall, pontificating, blow-hole sports show anchor on Sports Night. Casey was a bit of a prick a lot of the time but somehow, I still managed to like him which I think is a testament both to the writing and to Peter.

Jim Beaver, who plays the awesome Bobby on Supernatural, is 59 today. Supernatural has only two full-time actors and a laundry list of people who come in for a few episodes or a season at a time. Bobby is the only one who's stuck around through the whole run so far and I certainly hope he sticks 'till the end because Jim Beaver rocks.

And last, but certainly not least, my little brother, JC, is 32 today. Happy Birthday, Bud! I love you!

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