August 12, 2009

The Crazy Is Gonna Get Her

You know, for a while, Britney Spears (and her caretaker father) have been holding her Crazy at bay with a whip and a chair. Like, there have been wisps of The Crazy that have lingered even after she started bathing and actively participating in the lives of her children and in earning money rather than just spending it recklessly. The Crazy still never lets her wear a bra, and causes her to speak inappropriately about her vagina on mic in front of thousands, for example. But for the most part, The Crazy has been on hiatus while she's had her nose to the grindstone on tour.

Unfortunately the tour is over and she's got all this time on her hands and it seems like maybe the root causes of The Crazy were never dealt with and so now The Crazy is starting to take over again. First she was seen hanging out with Lindsey Lohan and now she's out shopping looking like she just got up off the floor after a three day bender.

The dress is on inside out, the makeup is smeared and smudged (and poorly applied in the first place), she's showing entirely too much boob, and though it's not apparent in this picture, that "dress" is really more of a shirt. And of course, her hair hasn't been brushed since Sunday afternoon.

Pull it together Britney!

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