May 5, 2009

It's A Good Thing

My girl crush on Jennifer Garner is well documented here so it should shock no one that I occasionally use the trusty TiVo to scour the programming data for opportunities to see her on television. Yesterday I recorded an episode of Martha Stewart that she was on.

Does anyone ever watch Martha Stewart? I have seen her talk show only a handful of times and let me tell you, she is a TERRIBLE interviewer. Really awful. But I never, ever miss an opportunity to see Jennifer Garner on her show. And Jen stops by every time she opens a movie too. Why? Because she LOVES Martha Stewart.

She was the first official subscriber to Martha Stewart Living magazine (seriously, she has a framed letter stating it and everything), she named her dog Martha Stewart. She, apparently, crashed Martha's house in Connecticut recently when Martha wasn't even home. It seems that her husband knew how badly she wanted to see the kitchen so he employed some smooth talking to get them past her security personnel and when she arrived home, there they were in her kitchen. It was implied that Jennifer may have even been going through the cupboards and drawers. Weird story right? But also endearing in that "Jennifer Garner is a totally normal person and we could so hang" kind of way because I'm pretty sure that if I were ever able to sweet-talk my way into her house, I'd totally go through her kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Anyway, she's a big fan of Martha is my point. Thus, despite Martha's complete inability to conduct an interesting interview, J. Gar on her show is one of the best things ever. She always cooks something while she's there and usually has a request of what she'd like Martha to show her how to make. She can pretty easily keep up with the cooking while they chat so she's obviously no novice in the kitchen. And she always has a bunch of questions for Martha which are all things that any of us would probably ask if we had a few minutes with a cooking guru. Yesterday she asked how she can properly store leftovers in the freezer so they don't get freezer burn, which is apparently something that plagues poor Jen. Here's what Martha suggests - wrap your foodstuffs in plastic wrap and make sure they're secured, use Scotch tape if you have to (Martha keeps some in her kitchen which Jennifer attested to having seen while on her snoop) and then put them into a large Ziploc freezer bag and make sure to get all of the excess air out of the bag when you seal it. Voila!

She always, ALWAYS begins her questions with Martha's name which is just cute. She seems to have thought of a list of questions before she came as if even before the interview was scheduled she'd be in the kitchen, taking out another freezer-burned leftover for dinner and making a mental note to ask Martha about that the next time she sees her.

There is just no end to the reasons I can find to girl crush on Jennifer Garner.

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