April 28, 2009

Six Miles From My House

Last night the world premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (aka Sexy Men On Film) was held at Harkins Tempe Marketplace which, as the post title indicates, is six miles from my house.

Hugh Jackman was there. Liev Schreiber was there. Taylor Kitsch was there. Ryan Reynolds was there.

You know who wasn't there? Me. I kind of hate myself right now.


Brenda B said...

Why o Why was the premier in Tempe?? and Why O Why didn't you go??? :)

Melissa said...

The premiere was in Tempe because we won some internet contest that Hugh Jackman held to hold the premiere in the city with the biggest fan base.

I didn't go because I couldn't find anyone to take the day off and go wait out there all day with me. I know you would have done it if you were here! :(