April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Austin Nichol's 29th birthday seems like as good a time as any to mention that a few weeks ago One Tree Hill wrapped up the movie storyline that had brought The Beek back to Wilmington. That plot point was laid to rest when Julian's studio exec father was fired and the remaining regime put the kibosh on the project because...well...would YOU want to make a movie Lucas had anything to do with? Anyway, as the news came in that the whole thing was over, The Beek gave a bit of a farewell speech to Julian and Lucas at the River Court just before he got on a helicopter and sleezed his way out of town. It was obnoxious, over the top, assy and cheesy and probably the most entertaining thing The Beek has ever done in his entire life. Including the time he played Robin Sparkles' bald, fat ex-boyfriend from Canada on How I Met Your Mother.

Because Austin is so VERY cute, we're celebrating his birthday with a few more pictures than usual.

And Djimon Hounsou turns 45 today. Anyone else remember when he was the impotent janitor/victim of torture and sufferer of post traumatic stress who went kind of postal on ER? Or when he was the international arms dealer and all-around nefarious gent in cahoots with Arvin Sloan on Alias? How 'bout his Oscar-nominated turns in In America or Blood Diamond (my personal favorite)? I know I've got to be the only one who remembers him in Never Back Down because I must be the only one who saw that movie. His career is very interesting to me.

Anyway, happy day you handsome devil.

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