April 20, 2009

Retro Fab

This may or may not be controversial but I'm going to put it out there. I love Drew Barrymore's new theme-y wardrobe.

While out on the hard-sell stump for her HBO flick Grey Gardens, she has turned every appearance into an EVENT by taking her look to a whole other level. Some of the looks work a bit better than others (though all of them work on some level) but I applaud her effort in general and hope the Grey Gardens Fashion Tour continues for a good long while.

The flapper chic inauguration of wardrobe theming:

The late-sixties sexy cocktail muu-muu which is way hotter than it sounds.

The early-sixties Jackie O-esque bit of total awesomeness (and my personal favorite).

The Argentinian Tango-rific dress with impractical sleeves that did nothing but favors for her figure.

And the mid-eighties ode to Debbi Harry that I would have hemmed up about 8 inches but that was also kind of great in it's own way if you only look as far down as the fingers on her right hand.

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