April 20, 2009

Hair Today

I have a teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy obsession with hair to the extent that sometimes when I watch a movie or television show I stop paying attention to the stories and only watch the hair (two good examples of this were the third season of One Tree Hill when I was so deeply in love with Peyton's hair I had to watch each episode twice because on the first viewing all I did was covet her cut, and the movie The Prince & Me where I still don't know what the plot was but can tell you for sure that Julia Stiles had a fantastic coif).

I'm really opinionated about 'dos too. Like, maybe I was the only one, but I thought Jennifer Aniston looked better and far less boring (that woman needs to add some color to her wardrobe STAT) when she went from her long, straight, had-it-for-effing-ever hair to a short bob several years ago. I think Jennifer Garner should always have bangs. Lindsey Lohan should not be blond. I prefer Keri Russell's hair when she straightens it. Kristen Bell should also always have bangs as well as layers. And I'm glad that the beautiful Mandy Moore has returned to her brunette look this week after appearing blond in a magazine spread last week, because it is my preference, but I do wish she were wearing it with a little more body and pizazz.

That said, she is so pretty. I would give my right arm for her perfect skin...and hair...and body...and face. She was however wearing totally ugly shoes so I guess she isn't completely perfect.

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