February 3, 2009

Night of a Thousand Awesomes

I wasn't feeling well yesterday so as soon as I got home from work I changed into sweats, plopped down on the couch and tucked in for some hearty television to help me heal. Boy do I feel better this morning!

Gossip Girl - I don't know what the hell Bart Bass was involved with, but it was obviously some nasty shit because I'm pretty sure Elle wound up dead just for accidentally letting Chuck in on it. I'm a little afraid of what will happen to Bass Jr. when he totally doesn't let this drop (which he won't because...he's Chuck Bass). The inclusion of Vanessa and Nate in this episode was completely pointless but they're cute so I'm letting it go. Jenny was cute and funny in her 45 seconds of screen time (except of course for her hair but the grow-out is awkward so I can't hold that against her). Blair was at her conniving best but it was nice to see her knocked down a couple of times before finally getting up and knocking everyone out with a right-hook of "I TOLD you so!" Then having to accept that if she's going to be that dedicated to her evil schemes, she's probably going to lose the respect of a few people - including her sweet, naive dad. In the most compelling story of the night - Dan, Serena and Ms. Inappropriate. I know, I'm as shocked as anyone that Dan or Serena had anything to do with a compelling story since they're usually so incredibly boring but it turns out that if you throw in a dash of Hot For Teacher (and Vice Versa) they turn spicy pretty fast. So rumors were flying about Dan and Ms. Inappropriate (thanks to Blair and her minions for latching on to the COMPLETELY OBVIOUS signs of attraction between the two of them) and it was all denial, denial, denial. But like the massive idiot he his, Dan kept right on meeting her for coffee outside of school and brushing her hair off of her face and going in for a hug to comfort her and then blaming everyone else when they inferred from mountains of evidence, that there was something untoward going on. Finally Ms. Inappropriate got axed for carrying on with a student and Dan went to her apartment (HELLO?) to apologize where she immediately jumped down his pants! Meanwhile, across town, Head Mistress Queller informs Lilly and Rufus that because there was no actual proof that Ms. I was nailing a hot piece of student ass, she might sue the school for wrongful termination and therefore, they're giving her her job back. So what does that mean? That Dan is now officially banging a teacher. Hello Pacey Witter 3.0 - you're a pale, sad copy of the original my friend!

Speaking of Pacey...

Fringe - I finally caught up on last week's episode of Fringe and what to my wondering eyes should appear (besides a brain-melting computer virus that was completely barfy and amazing) but a reunion between Joshua Jackson and one Ms. Mary Beth Peil, a.k.a. Grams from Dawson's Creek. Grams kicked ten times the ass of any other character on the Creek and Mary Beth Peil is a wondrous and lovely woman that I was simply OVER THE MOON to see back on TV at all, let alone reunited with a fellow Creeker. I hope her character is recurring (I could see a romance between she and Walter), it tickles my TV-loving soul to see them together on screen.

And as long as we're so squarely on the subject of Dawson's Creek...

One Tree Hill - Mark Schwann has done the impossible - he's made me LIKE James van der Beek. I watched Dawson's Creek from the very beginning, every minute of every episode the whole 6 years, and I can say with absolute certainly, there was no bigger horse's ass than Dawson Leery. And his sheer existence made me greatly despise his portrayer (who, lets face it, did not seem to be all that unlike the smug, bloviating little bastard that he played). And when I heard he was going to be playing a movie director on OTH...well, I didn't take it very well. But it turns out that Dixon is so much more awesome than Dawson ever was, what with his previous work (Trouser Snake) and his constant horn-dogging and his repeated use of the word boobs and the way he purposely pushes all of Lucas's buttons (Lucas of course being nearly tied with Leery for smuggest, assiest TV character ever). He is HIGH-larious.

That was a whole lot of awesome in one evening. No wonder I feel like my old self again today!

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