November 17, 2008

Shut up Mylie Cyrus

Last Friday Mylie Cyrus and Jason Statham were both on The Tonight Show. Cyrus was the first guest and was aloud to remain on the set when Jay brought Jason out. I couldn't have cared less what Mylie had to say so I fast forwarded past all of her stupid shit and then sat absolutely rapt whilst Statham talked about any number of British things in his lovely accent. He was beginning to tell a story about having failed his driver's license exam three times when Mylie piped up to say something utterly useless and un-amusing and I suddenly wished her even more dead than I usually do.

If there is one thing kids should learn as soon as they're old enough to talk, it's that children stay quiet while hot grown-up men are talking. That's just basic stuff, folks!

Do it, Jason. Shoot her!

On an almost related note, I just realized that AnnaLynne McCord of 90210 annoyance was in The Transporter 2. That's her on the far left down there. Lucky bitch!

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