November 11, 2008

And I Quote

Two of the most fantastic quotes of all time came from the same scene in One Tree Hill last night:

Millie: There's a girl in MY bed.
Brooke: Mouth would not cheat on you.
Millie: That trampface, whoreslutBITCH is in my BED!

Millie: I'm a virgin.
Brooke: Wait, you're a what? You've never had sex?
Millie: No.
Brooke: You and Mouth live together and sleep in the same bed and you don't have sex?
Millie: No.
Brooke: But wait, you do other stuff right? Like...the Js, H and B?
Millie: Uh uh.
Brooke: Oh my God! It's like finding Big Foot or a Unicorn or something!

I also really enjoyed the scene between Lucas and Nathan and then Hailey where we found out that Jamie's rabbit, Chester, has an imaginary friend (whose name is escaping me right now - Oliver?) that Jamie sometimes takes places. Awesome.

Mia (Kate Voegele) was back for the USO concert, she has an extremely cloying affectation with her left hand when she sings that I hope to never see again. The story also saw the return of Derek, Julian and the ghost of Q. I'm not fully in support of Nate seeing ghosts (though it's not an unprecedented story on this show since he long thought the ghost of Keith saved him from drowning at the river during the 5th season) but I love Q so much that I'm going with it.

It doesn't really matter what happened in the episode because not that much really did, the important thing to take away from this is that I'm going to use the phrases "trampface, whoreslutBITCH" and "the Js, H and B" often in the future.

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