September 9, 2008


I suspect that Katie Holmes has a number of regrets in her life - that time she colored her hair red and then never kept up on the roots so that she had two-toned hair through the last two seasons of Dawson's Creek, for example. I bet she regrets the hell out of that.

Transitioning from the chicest bob in the history of hair to that snore-inducing just-like-Tom 'do she's sporting now wasn't her finest hour either.

Incidentally, Just Jared reports that Katie's former costar (and my future husband) Joshua Jackson stopped by rehearsals for her Broadway show recently, flowers in hand, to say hello and wish her luck. A source is quoted as telling Grazia Magazine that "Katie was shocked, but so happy to see him. It was a wonderful surprise. She gave him such a big hug."

I wonder if Katie's handlers have put her on suicide watch since Josh's visit. Because I can only assume she'd need it after realizing that 10 years ago she dated this:

And for several years after they broke up, she got PAID to make out with this:

And now she is married to this:

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