September 3, 2008

One Tree Huh?

As season premieres of soapy dramas go, OTH was a bit disappointing. I was glad that the recipient of Lucas's spur-of-the-moment proposal was Peyton, I guess. I mean, she was the second least annoying of the three possibilities and as long as it wasn't Brooke, that was good enough news for me.

I found the entire dream sequence that started the show off totally cheap though. Just fucking tell us who he asked you jerks!

So anyway, they've given Carrie the Psycho Nanny and Dan way too much story while all they're letting Nathan do is wince in pain and Haley's got it even worse being there solely to receive text messages and dance with Jaime. Peyton and Lucas mooning at each other is still as boring as it's ever been. Deb and Skillz are still squicking me out with all the making out and partial nudity but at least that's funny. Brooke appears to have the only interesting storyline so far what with being attacked at the store and also fighting with her evil mother. Meanwhile the actress who plays Millie appears to have gone and gotten herself knocked up and also she and Mouth have left town so Mouth can be a sports caster in Omaha. I hope that Brooke's tragedy brings them both back.

With most of my favorite characters in plot Siberia and the return of Carrie the Psycho Nanny, Dan and Victoria, we're heavily front-loaded with evil and the number of characters I don't enjoy is one Chad Michael Murray-penned script away from outnumbering the ones I do. I hope things get better in the second episode.

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