September 24, 2008

Little of This, Little of That

Serena van der Woodsen done gone bad-ass bitch on us and she is fixin' to take down Blair as the Queen of the UES Heathers. And Chuck orchestrated the whole thing!

The Winchester brothers are back which I forgot to mention last week. Their season premiere was top-notch and our new Heavenly body is, indeed, heavenly. Best of all, the return of Supernatural, means the return of Demian and Raoul. EEEEEEEEEEEE!

Fringe continued to be pretty terrific last night. I know I'm sorry of harping on this but, you know, my blog, my prerogative to harp - Josh Jackson gets hotter every week. He's even starting to make the lab coat look sexy. Also, Peter, Walter and Astrid are the only people on that show who aren't creeping me out. Even Olivia is getting creepy because ol' Molly Dodd's interest in her (and Broyles' subsequent protectiveness of her) makes me think that she's somehow connected to the Pattern like how Sydney was connected to Rambaldi. I'm so on to you JJ.

The Internet and glossies are all atwitter over the relative thin-ness of the young stars of 90210, I'm chiming in to agree that they're WAY too skinny. They're also dressed like patients of the Heidi Fleiss Sanitarium for Working Girls and Kinder-Whores. And though I've never seen the play in it's entirety, I feel confident in saying that Spring Awakening is WAY too racey a production for a high school. Now, you kids get off my lawn! (I'm a million.)

Oh yeah, I've also been meaning to mention that everyone should watch Privileged. It's actually a very cute show with a (mostly) likable cast and a (fairly) realistic yet comical take on the rich-kids-run-amok stories instead of the soapy, campy, dramatic take on those stories over on Gossip Girl.

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