August 27, 2008

Not So Close, DAMN!

I think by now it's a pretty well-known fact that Pamela Anderson is looking ROUGH. Making no judgements about her lifestyle, romantic choices or familiarity with the business end of a scalpel, I'm just saying she looks like 10 miles of hard road and the more she tries to look like she did when she was 25, the worse she looks.

Can everyone with a camera please agree that the best way to take her picture is from down the block and across the street through a greasy lens with no zoom?

But you know the worst part? That isn't the most horrifying picture I've seen today.

Now, Shannen Doherty has always had some pretty unattractive chompers but her teeth have reached an all new level of unsettling now.

The size of this picture doesn't really do it justice so you're going to need to head over to JustJared and click on the photos where she's showing her grill and see what I mean. You can see the actual veneers on her teeth because her actual teeth are so yellowed and gross (she is a long-time smoker) that they've been stained beyond repair and apparently she hasn't bothered to see a cosmetic dentist who can actually hide her own nasty chops with better veneers. That thing that looks like a space between the two front teeth? Not a space, just the dark edges of her real teeth showing. Seriously.

Don't smile Shannen. EVER!

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