August 13, 2008

Dear NetFlix,

What the hell?

I had just decided to accept that it may have been the fault of the post office that you didn't receive my returned DVDs the day after I sent them, because I that isn't completely outside of the realm of possibility, but then I found out that you did receive them yesterday because I got e-mails from you at 1:19am saying you'd gotten them. My dad is a mail man, I know damn well they don't deliver mail in the middle of the night. You took your sweet time checking them back in and again, I gave you that one because I'm sure you're especially busy on Tuesdays - I can't be the only one who puts their weekend movies in the mail on Monday after all.

But a few minutes ago I pulled up my queue to make sure that the top 5 discs were things I was actually in the mood to see and I am greeted by a note that says you expect to ship my next 5 movies on Thursday.


Since when does it take you 3 days to get me a new batch of movies? I have had very few beefs with you during our 6 year relationship, but dude! If you can't do better than a three day turn around, my eye starts to wander to Blockbuster who offers the online/in-store hybrid service which on it's own is almost enough to make me forget how many times their shady late-fee practices screwed me over before I met you.

I play a three strike game but make no mistake, the count is 0-1 and the strike zone is only going to get smaller if this shit persists.

Yours for now,

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