July 30, 2008

Just Because I Feel Like It

That's why I'm posting pictures of people I have crushes on - just because I feel like it.

For example, when Gilmore Girls was on the air, I had crazy, seething hatred for the Jess character which made me hate Milo Ventimiglia by extension. I was all prepared to hate him on Heroes too, with his emo bangs and his whiny attitude and his drippy love for that art dealer chick, but to my great surprise, I didn't hate him. I ended up kind of loving both the Peter character and the actor which freed me up to realize that Milo is, in fact, incredibly hot.

Here's another one who grew on me. Back in the late nineties when David Boreanaz was just starting out as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was way too pallid and cromag for my taste. He hadn't really developed his acting talent yet and had a bit of an awkward presence as compared to the more talented actors he starred with on that show. As the years passed and he became a more skilled actor, he also grew more mature and distinguished looking. Suddenly his cave-man brow wasn't as noticeable and the lines on his face were making him look devilishly handsome. By the time Angel came to an end and I'd seen him bare all in These Girls, I was all crushed out on him. Now I never miss his hot ass on Bones.

Here's a three-fer. So a few years ago I watched a terrific documentary called The Heart of the Game about a high school girls basketball team in Seattle, Ludacris was the narrator. One of the extras on the DVD for that doc was a one-on-one conversation between Ludacris and the main subject of the doc, a teenage girl named Darnellia Russell. Upon watching the DVD, I developed a crush on Ludacris. I also have a small girl-crush on Mila Kunis who has some of the most beautiful eyes ever. Then there is Mark Wahlberg, whom I was recently reminded I met once, back in his pants-dropping, Marky-Mark days. I recall him as being very short and very good looking in person. He was also very nice for the roughly 15 seconds that I spent with him.

Yesterday I took Meg to Target to stock up on snacks for her plane ride home today (sniff!) and while we were there I swung through the movie section because I always like to see if they have any movies I love for bargain prices. I happened on the box for War stuck incorrectly in a $5.00 spot and said "he's good looking enough for me to pay $5.00 for a movie I didn't enjoy just because he's in it, but I can't pay full price for this movie no matter how hot he is." Megan said "ew, you think HE'S hot?" That's right, she "ew'd" Jason Statham. Megan and I are no longer speaking.

Well it goes without saying that if she can't understand the hotness of Jason Statham, she really doesn't comprehend my crush on Seth Rogen. It seems to be a more wide-spread phenomenon in these post-Knocked Up times, but my crush on Mr. Rogen goes back to Freaks & Geeks and especially Undeclared. He's like the perfect example of a smart, funny, schlubby geek which is VERY hot to me. Particularly with the short hair...rawr!

This is another "husky" Jewish man that I have a long-standing crush on - Greg Grunberg. I fell for him as Sean Blumberg on Felicity and have continued to love him deeply through his years as Agent Weiss on Alias, his brief stint as the quickly eviscerated pilot on Lost, his co-starring role in the tragically short-lived Jake Effect and his current role as Matt on Heroes.

Karen's sister and niece went to the American Idol's Live concert in Rochester, NY last weekend and along with their FRONT ROW tickets they also had meet & greet passes so they, you know, met and greeted My Boyfriend David Cook. At Karen's request, they took several pictures of him just for me and sent them over. Isn't he just as cute as can be?

Alright so David Cook is My Boyfriend and I shall continue to refer to him as such until I develop a new obsessive crush. But I'll always, ALWAYS refer to Joshua Jackson as My Future Husband. That is unless he actually does marry me in which case I'll drop the "Future" part. Anyway, the point is, in the last 10 years no crush has bumped him from the top spot and I see no signs that any will in the foreseeable future either. Especially not now that he's starring in one of the most anticipated new shows of the season - Fringe. Great day in the morning, just look at the man!

*Most of these photos were taken at ComiCon and the photo credit for those goes to James Dimmock and Entertainment Weekly from whom I stole them. The David Cook photo goes to Karen's niece...thank's Karen's niece!

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