May 27, 2008

Room Temperature and Fat

I just wrote a really long post about my weekend and then lost it. Which is indicative of my, week.

My long-standing plans for last weekend were cancelled at the last minute on Friday.

On Sunday my refrigerator quit working. I can't get a repair person out until tomorrow between 8am and 5pm (nice of them to give me such a schedule accomodating window don't you think?) so I'm 3 days and counting without cold storage and my house, though rid of the spoiled food and air freshened to within an inch of my sanity, still smells vaguely foul.

I restarted Weight Watchers today and discovered that I weigh more than I've ever weighed before. I'm disgusted with myself and hoping that at least motivates me to stick with it until I lose the 70 pounds it'll take to put me at my goal weight.

My IBS is apparently also disgusted with me as my intestines are in the midst of such a spasm right now that if I could, I'd rip them out with my bare hands. I am praying I can make it through my book club tonight without passing out from the pain. Or vomitting.

On the plus side, I've got an unexpected day off tomorrow to wait for a repair man which I plan to use to do the laundry I didn't do over the weekend, put up a fence in my yard and watch something great on DVD, like maybe Everwood or Felicity or some of the movies I've had NetFlixed since March and have not yet watched. Silver lining I suppose.

I'm going to go crawl into the fetal position under my desk and pray for an intestinal intervention now.

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