May 28, 2008

Dear Sally...

"What if high school ended but the feeling of it didn't?" -- Felicity Porter

I opted to watch Felicity today while I wait for the Maytag man. I haven't watched Felicity from the beginning in about 5 years and though I always remember that I love the show, I think I forgot why I love it.

The pilot was like My So-Called Life - so full of the awkwardness and pain of teen life, that it's physically uncomfortable to watch in the best possible way.

Watching it from the beginning when you already have the benefit of knowing how it all ends is different of course. I already know Felicity isn't going to drop out of the University of New York and got to Stanford to appease her domineering parents. I already know how all of the relationships will evolve. How her parents will (or will not) deal with her life decisions. Yet somehow, watching it all unfold again, it's just as compelling now as it ever was.

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