May 7, 2008


Sarena van der Woodsen KILLED SOMEONE?!? I totally thought the sex tape was the big, tragic secret that Georgina (and her eye liner of evil) brought back to the UES with her. And I kind of thought that the sex tape might have involved a married man - possibly the husband and/or father of someone she knows - making it all the more SHOCKING and further damaging to her New Sarena image even after the "sex with Nate" revelation. I swear, if I have to wait more than a week to find out who she killed and how I'm going to implode!

While we're on the subject of imploding - Little J's bid to out-Heather Blair really fell all to hell didn't it? I certainly hope she gives Eric the apology he deserves for that humiliating display in the courtyard prior to the "gay bomb" dropping. Eric is too awesome to think about him remaining friends with the devilish little minx if she doesn't grovel appropriately first. Proof of his awesomeness ran head-first into (further) proof of Blair's awesomeness when she set aside her twisted plan to out Asher (and thus destroy Jenny) because she didn't want to hurt Eric (i.e. someone she really cares about) and then Eric gave her the green light to out the both of them when Asher upped is Ass quotient to about a billion.

God I love Gossip Girl!!!

Speaking of things I love - I'm not going to go into all of the ways in which One Tree Hill rocks again because I've done that at least twice already and I'm sure I'll have cause to do it again when something really genius happens (like when Dan's HCM finally fells the ol' bastard and the remaining Scotts throw a little soiree to celebrate his demise - hello plot of the season finale!) but for now I'm going to discuss two and a half OTH-adjacent things that I love.

The first is James Lafferty. When the Hill premiered some 5 1/2 seasons ago, he was a fairly scrawny 18-year-old. At the time I thought he was cute in a really young way - adorable more than anything else. Then, as I've mentioned, I stopped watching the show last year and when I picked it up this year it was like he'd gone from being a cute kid to being a hot man overnight. (I've learned via SoapNet reruns of season 4 that it was a change that actually happened between seasons 3 & 4 but that's not the point.) He's gotten all broad-shouldered and with these fantastic muscles that ripple visibly under everything he wears. Suddenly he's believable as a husband and father and I find myself having some really dirty thoughts about the lad. I'm a perv.

The second thing is Sophia Bush who just could not be prettier. Her hair, her eyes, her skin, her raspy voice, her adorable smile. She's cute as a button and if I live to be a million I will never understand what the hell Chad Michael Murray was thinking when he cheated on her with Paris effing Hilton (allegedly...whatever, EVERYONE knows it's true). You know, now that I think about it, I think the problem is that Chad Michael Murray, in addition to being about as attractive as a monkey with particularly shitty hair (and NO fashion sense), also has the mental acuity of your average special-needs house plant.

The half thing is that there is a rumor circulating the internets (which I'm not even going to tell you how I found because there is a limit to the number of embarrassing things I'll admit) that James and Sophia are dating. I only 1/2 love this because first of all, it's only a rumor based on 1 set of "spies" who saw them getting "cozy" in a restaurant in New York in March and a set of photos taken earlier this week of the two of them arriving at LAX together during which time they did not appear to touch or speak to each other and considering they both "live" in LA and work in North Carolina, it is certainly possible that the two of them had a few days off from work and were going home and happened to be on the same flight. After 5 years working together they are almost certainly friendly enough to travel together from time to time.

Then there is the fact that Sophia was already married to one of the male leads on One Tree Hill - a marriage that ended badly (and quickly) - so maybe dating the other male lead on the same show is not, like, the smartest thing in the world. Then again, for people who spend half of the year across the country from their homes, working long hours, work seems like the best place to find love.

And they are two extremely attractive and sweet-seeming individuals who really do make a fine-looking couple.

Getting this item bonus points is the fact that I also discovered today that Sophia Bush previously dated Jon Foster who won my heart as Ben on the short-lived Life As We Know It and is a damn site cuter than CMM. Her taste in men is improving exponentially as the years go by, I'll say that for her.

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