October 7, 2011

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

I've been lukewarm on The Secret Circle thus far because I didn't find the story terribly compelling and, frankly, the uneven acting was difficult to overlook when the plot wasn't grabbing me.  But last night, things got quite a bit more interesting. 

Turns out that whatever happened the day of the fire that killed 1/2 of the Circle's parents, also resulted in "evil" itself crawling up inside of non-witch Heather (Camille Sullivan).  So Cassie's mom whipped up a Tupperware spell to seal evil inside Heather.  But all these years later, Cassie's curiosity has gotten the better of her so she and Faye do a spell that breaks the seal and lets the freshness out. 

So a newly crazy Heather tracks them down at Cassie's house where she beats them up and trashes the house and tells Cassie about the evil crawling inside of her and now she's possessed by a demon and blah blah.  The smackdown brings all the witches and Heather's brother Ben Cotton to the yard where they all watch her get hit by a car and killed.  Sad faces.  What they don't all see is the tiny black garter snake of evil that crawls out of her, down the street and up into the pocket of Nick's leather jacket.  Uh oh!

Other things that happened: Diana went to therapy where they apparently did not work on her lack of self esteem because she continues to willfully ignore the fact that her boyfriend kisses her like I kiss my grandma while cranking the sex eyes up to 11 when they're pointed at Cassie.  Not only does she not seem to have an issue with the insane sexual tension between her boyfriend and the new girl, but she keeps INSISTING that Adam help Cassie do things that require the two of them to be alone together.  And this week is no exception with the sex eyes, the close sitting, the sexual tension, the lingering touches and more sex eyes. 

Faye tries to convince Melissa to not waste her time with Nick and then Nick starts to act like he actually wants to have a regular relationship with Melissa which drives a bit of a wedge between Faye and Melissa until Nick saves Faye's bacon at Cassie's house and then Melissa and Nick head back to his house to have the sex and spend the night together because apparently their guardians learned all they know about parenting from TVD's Aunt Jenna. 

Oh yeah, and then the tiny black garter snake of evil demony badness crawled out of Nick's jacket pocket, onto the bed, up his arm, over his pillow and right into Melissa's ear.  I'll meet you at the drug store in the ear plug aisle. 

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